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Over my years in practice, one of the areas that has been near and dear to my heart is helping kids and teens who are dealing with mental health issues and neurological disorders. 

By purchasing through the affiliate links on this site (at no increased cost to you), you directly support the development of innovative protocols and programs, as well as scholarships to take part in these initiatives, so these individuals can get the care they need.

Your purchases make a significant impact, helping to improve lives and offer better opportunities for these kids. Thank you for your support! 

Food and Nutrition


ButcherBox provides a convenient way to access high-quality, humanely raised meat, including grass fed and finished beef, organic chicken, and sustainably sourced seafood delivered right to your doorstep. With customizable boxes and free shipping, you can enjoy healthier, ethically raised meats while supporting small farmers and sustainable practices. 

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Pete's Real Food

Pete's Real Food offers a convenient meal delivery service featuring freshly prepared, nutrient-dense meals made form organic, locally sourced ingredients. Their menu caters to various dietary preferences, including paleo, keto, and Whole30, ensuring a balanced and healthy eating experience. Each meal is crafted by professional chefs and delivered directly to your door, making it easy to enjoy wholesome, delicious food without the hassle of cooking. 

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FatWorks specializes in offering high-quality animal fats, including organic and pasture-raised lards, tallows, and poultry fats. Their products are ideal for healthy cooking and baking, promoting traditional fats' nutritional benefits and rich flavors. Their products are sourced from animals raised on organic and sustainable farms, providing a nutritious and natural alternative for cooking and baking. 

* Epic Provisions used to be a great competitor to this company, but they were recently purchased by General Mills.

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Crucial Four Icelandic Flake Salt

Crucial FOUR's Icelandic Flake Salt is high-purity, wild-harvested salt produced using geothermal energy. Rich in essential minerals like magnesium, potassium, calcium, and sodium, this nutrient-dense salt supports hydration, adrenal health, and overall performance. It's a versatile, eco-friendly alternative to traditional salts and can be used in cooking, added to water, or as a skin exfoliator. Free from microplastics and heavy metals, it is ideal for those seeking a natural, health-focused seasoning option.

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Crucial Four Electrolyte Mix (Unflavored)

Crucial FOUR's mHydrate Electrolyte Mix is an unflavored, nutrient-dense formula designed to support optimal hydration and performance. It is crafted with essential electrolytes, including magnesium, potassium, and sodium, making it perfect for athletes and individuals with active lifestyles. This mis ix free from sugars, artificial flavors, and additives, ensuring a clean and effective way to stay hydrated. 

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MegaHome Water Distiller

The MegaHome Water Distiller is a reliable and economical countertop unit that has been in production for over 20 years. It efficiently removes contaminants from the water, producing pure, distilled water.

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Aquene Springs Silica Water

Aquene Springs is premium water sourced from deep geothermal springs, rich in silica and essential minerals. The silica content in this water is highly bioavailable, helping to bind to aluminum and facilitate its removal from the body. 

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ZAMAT Contour
Memory Foam Pillow

The pillow follows the natural curve of your body to provide support for your head, beck, and shoulders, helping to reduce neck and back pain, relax muscles, alleviate shoulder stiffness, and promote healthy and proper spine alignment.

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Elviros Cervical
Memory Foam Pillow

The cervical neck pillow can support your neck in the neutral aligned position and lifts your head to the proper height while you sleep on your back or side.

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NEXCARE Mouth Tape (Paper)

This is a gentle, highly breathable, hypoallergenic tape. It is my favorite tape to use for mouth taping, with honorable mention going to SomniFix - the difference with SomniFix is that it is slightly more expensive and has a vent.

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NEXCARE Mouth Tape (Silicone)

This tape features a hypoallergenic, breathable adhesive that offers secure holding power yet ensures pain-free removal with minimal hair pulling. It's water-resistant and latex-free, providing a gentle and effective solution for mouth taping. 

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SomniFix Sleep Strips

Somnifix strips are gentle mouth tape clinically proven to promote nose breathing, reduce snoring, increase CPAP compliance, and improve sleep quality.  

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Cleaning and Laundry

Force Of Nature: Multi-Purpose Cleaner

Force of Nature is a powerful, eco-friendly cleaner and disinfectant that transforms salt, water, and vinegar into a non-toxic, bleach-strength solution using electricity. This versatile cleaner is effective against 99.9% of germs, yet gentle enough for everyday use, helping you maintain a safe and sustainable home environment while reducing single use plastic waste. 

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Force Of Nature: Laundry Detergent Sheets

Force of Nature's eco-friendly, biodegradable laundry detergent sheets offer a powerful, no-waste cleaning solution that effectively removes odors and stains. These hypoallergenic sheets are free from fragrances, dyes, and other harmful chemicals, making them safe for sensitive skin. They dissolve quickly in hot or cold water, work with all types of washing machines, and come in compact, recyclable packaging that reduces carbon emissions by 94% compared to liquid detergents.

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Oral Care

Revitin Toothpaste

Revitin toothpaste is a natural, prebiotic formula designed to promote oral health by supporting the beneficial bacteria in your mouth. It features ingredients like vitamin C, CoQ10, and cranberry extract to help maintain healthy teeth and gums while being free from harmful chemicals. Ideal for those seeking a holistic approach to dental care, Revitin aims to enhance the oral microbiome for overall wellness. 

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WaterPik Water Flosser

The WaterPik WaterFlosser is an electric countertop irrigator designed to improve oral hygiene by using a powerful stream of water to remove plaque and debris between the teeth and below the gemlike. It features multiple pressure settings and comes with various tops to suit individual needs, making it an effective addition to traditional flossing. This device is clinically proven to be more effective for reducing plaque, gingivitis, and gum disease. 

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PurO3 Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution

PurO3's Ozonated Oil Pulling Solution with peppermint combines the benefits of ozonated oils with the traditional practice of oil pulling. This solution helps remove toxicants, reduces plaque, and freshens breath by using ozone to enhance the antibacterial properties of the oilIt is infused with peppermint for a refreshing taste and provides a natural way to improve oral hygiene and overall dental health. 

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Dr. Tungs Tongue Cleaner

Dr. Tung's Tongue Cleaner is a high-quality oral hygiene tool designed to effectively remove bacteria and debris from the tongue, helping to reduce bad breath and improve overall oral health. Made from stainless steel, it offers a comfortable grip and durable construction for long-lasting use. The tongue cleaner's ergonomic design ensures ease of use, making it a vital addition to your daily dental care routine. 

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Nasal Care

Navage Nasal Irrigation System

 Navage nasal care offers an advanced nasal irrigation system that provides a natural and effective way to clean your nasal passages. The Navage starter bundle includes a nose cleaner and a set of SaltPods, which work together to flush out allergens, mucus, and germs, providing relief from congestion and improving overall nasal hygiene. This drug-free solution is designed for ease of use and promotes better breathing and sinus health. 

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Health and Wellness Pros:

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Practice Better

Practice Better is a comprehensive, HIPAA-compliant practice management platform designed for health and wellness professionals. It offers tools for scheduling, client communication, billing, telehealth, and tracking client progress This platform aims to streamline administrative tasks, allowing practitioners to focus on providing quality care. With features like secure messaging customizable forms, and integration capabilities, Practice Better supports efficient and effective practice management. 

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Alternative Balance

Alternative Balance offers practice liability insurance specifically designed for health, wellness, and beauty professionals. Their comprehensive coverage includes general liability, professional liability, and product liability, ensuring that practitioners are protected against various risks associated with their practice. The policies are tailored to meet the unique needs of different professions, providing peace of mind and financial security. 

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